Black Shoulder Comparisons
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Black Shoulder Hen Gallery
I have a particular interest in the black shoulder pattern found in peafowl. While this pattern can be bred into any of the colors, these hens are all spaldings and these photos show the range of black shoulder pattern and coloration found in my flock.

A young cock on the left and a hen on the right. This photo clearly shows the difference in patterns that begins to develop between males and females at about 3 months of age.

Two young spalding black shoulder hens. One shows the intense coloring I select for.
I had originally thought the hen on the right was a male because of its intense color and the strength of the pattern on its back.
Spalding hen showing some of the rust typical of black shoulder spalding hens.

A good mix of green neck coloring and black patterning on the back.

Another compelling mix of green neck coloring and a lighter, more delicate black patterning.

The darkest of my spalding black shoulder hens.

A hen which I consider to have the ideal coloration for a spalding black shoulder.